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Four-Node Quicktime Virtual Reality Photography

Chapel of the Chimes

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This four-node cubic VR panorama is of one of Oakland's lesser-known but most historic buildings. It was designed by reknown architect Julia Morgan, who is interred in the neighboring Mountain View Cemetary. Those familiar with Hearst Castle will recognize distinct similarities in the architecture.

Cylindrical Quicktime Virtual Reality Panorama

San Francisco 1851

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In 1851, in the midst of the rapid growth brought on by the Gold Rush, an anonymous photographer captured San Francisco in its entirety. The original seven panel daguerreotype, taken from First and Howard Streets, is one of the earliest and most historic photographic recordings of the city. Historic photography courtesy of the California Historical Society ©1999. Composite imagery and Quicktime movie presented by Thomas Bachand, ©2001.

Edweard Muybridge Photographic Animations

Moment and Momentum: Seeing Time in 19th Century Photography

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Plate 640, 1887 Plate 158, 1887 Plate 762, 1887

As part of the California Historical Society's exhibit on time and motion as captured in 19th Century Photography, Eadweard Muybridge's landmark stop motion photography is brought to life in these computer animations. To learn more about Moment and Momentum contact the California Historical Society, 678 Mission St., San Francisco. (415) 357-1848.

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